Get Free! with Charlotte Nguyen
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Get Free! is a creative consultancy that helps changemakers become emotionally healthy and inspired through mindfulness. 

The work of getting free isn’t easy. It's especially not easy when you’ve made it your mission to not only free yourself, but also help your community get free. The work of changing the status quo out there is hard enough, and in doing it we often neglect the
inner work needed to heal.

 I believe that looking inward is the first step towards our liberation.  Walk with me and see what might unfold when you trust yourself as your greatest teacher.



Charlotte provides:

  • Meditation Instruction

  • Traditional Tea Ceremony

  • Spiritual Advising & Transformational Coaching 

  • Health & Wellness Consulting

  • Retreats, Trainings & Workshops


About Charlotte


Charlotte Nguyễn is a meditation teacher, spiritual advisor, activist and a safe space.


Her Story

Coming from a Southeast Asian background, spirituality and mysticism have always been part of Charlotte's experience; but like the children of many immigrant families, survival was the guiding force that shaped her early years.

After the death of her first love in 2006, she began a quest to find herself, beyond the trauma.  Meditation, sacred movement, tea and community each played a role - weaving together

her love of spiritual practice, social action and creative expression.

Charlotte has a daily practice of meditation, a space where she connects with her body and soul in mindfulness.  She is blessed to serve and share this practice which has so profoundly changed her life. 

She loves bodies of water, science fiction, orange juice, and Frank Ocean (even though they’re all impermanent things).


Her Journey

Charlotte has over 10 years of experience serving social justice communities throughout Los Angeles, Washington DC, and the Bay Area including Amnesty International USA, the DC Rape Crisis Center, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

She is licensed as a Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM) and trained as a Mindfulness Educator through Mindful Schools. She is in the process of earning her

Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research

Charlotte holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Philosophy and International Peace & Conflict Resolution from the American University; however, she credits most of her intellectual growth to friends and family members who have shared their experiences with her.  

She now teaches mindfulness programs for changemakers in the greater Los Angeles area.




Charlotte is truly a beautiful spirit. I found her at a time in my life where my physical health had been declining and my mental and emotional health had been suffering. From the moment I met her and felt her light, I knew I was safe and in good hands. Through meditation and breath work, I could feel the blockages in my mind break apart and rise up and out. Afterwards, I felt so light and felt my body vibrating. I am blessed to be connected to Charlotte and look forward to more sessions with her.
— Ariana Keen, Coaching Client
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Let's Connect

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