Get Free! with Charlotte Nguyen

Your journey into emotional mastery starts now!


Video #1:  Getting intimate with your emotional patterns

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Are you ready to….?

  • confidently explore your emotional terrain

  • increase your capacity to give and receive more love

  • learn to express, not explain your emotions

  • have healthier, happier relationships with yourself & others

  • …and set yourself free!

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“If you're feeling the call to go deeper into your healing and awaken a change in yourself that will transform your life, I highly recommend working with Charlotte! I recently completed her program and the transformation I have experienced and continue to experience cannot be put into words. Charlotte holds a unique space for those ready to act on their healing and integrate growth into their life. Thank you eternally, Charlotte.”


Fort Mill, SC

“If you haven’t witnessed the wisdom and service of Charlotte, your heart and consciousness is waiting to root deeper in the nourishing synergy of mindfulness.  Charlotte is bringing mindfulness to the age of now - reminding us mindfulness is not synonymous with passivity. She is a gifted teacher for our time. Through her teachings, you will surely build sacredness in your life.


Portland, OR

“I tell you each time that Charlotte you bring me the guidance, clarity and perspective I need to get back on track.  I can’t express enough the gratitude I have towards you. You asked me questions that I never thought to ask myself and helped me dive deeper into myself. You are the catalyst for my change and you kept the exchange open and transparent. You knew the work that needed to be done and told us that it wouldn’t be easy but that it’s worth it. You are an inspiration and a true guiding light. Thank you so very much.”

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Chestnut Ridge, NY

Your emotions are your allies. It’s time to turn your wounds into wisdom.

I know what it’s like to feel deeply DISCONNECTED…

And I know what it’s like to feel radically ALIVE…

For years, I lived life wearing a mask, pretending to be someone I wasn't. I felt like the only way to survive without looking at the things inside of me that were begging to be felt, was to pretend they weren't there. Keeping it all together to never appear weak, never show vulnerability, and hold it all inside me. The traumas and issues I had experienced went unacknowledged and therefore unresolved and ate at me from the inside out.

I knew that something had to change. Changing others wasn’t working. I didn’t know how...but I was willing to look inside.

I learned that my feelings didn’t define me, they were just feedback. They were coming forward to be witnessed and experienced. And with that, so began my path of Emotional Mastery - the ability to welcome it all, the agony and the ecstasy, and knowing that all these parts were equally lovable.

My life radically changed when I stopped trying to figure it all out and just felt what my body was trying to communicate to me with compassion. It isn’t always easy, but again and again, proves worth it.

Because how I feel…affects everything.



- feel safe to simply feel what arises
- reach your peak flow in balancing all aspects of life
- trust and navigate the connection between your physical body and emotions
- confidently step into greater vulnerability
- meet challenges with self-trust
- move from a pattern of withdrawing or reactivity into one of welcoming, trust and expansion
- express yourself and stop explaining yourself
- maintain your optimal desired state of presence
- shift your relationships with yourself, others and your environment into ones of growth and connection
- get out of the cycle of over processing
- gracefully get yourself back on the path of emotional mastery when you fall off
- cultivate compassion and mindfulness around your emotions

...and so much more!

I've worked with hundreds of people in the field of personal development for the past 6 years and can help you learn the tools to master your inner critic and live a life full of trust, confidence, intimacy, connection, mindfulness and compassion with yourself and all your relations.

 If you’re ready to love more deeply, welcome all of yourself, and live a life of inner and outer freedom…